Jasmine Turner is an energetic soul singer/songwriter from St. Louis, MO. Producing raw sounds, rich in emotion, she is a true vessel of creativity. Her passion stretches far beyond knowing the healing capabilities of music. She uses this knowledge intentionally to edify the people listening. She was raised by an eclectic mix of influences, but especially Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and any “Oldie but Goodie” artist. No less influential was Whoopi Goldberg, Sammy Davis Jr., Missy Elliot, and Maya Angelou. These pioneers, along with so many others, inspired her to push towards originality in her art of choice.


Jasmine released her first studio recording, This Love, on January 1, 2017. Though intended to be a simple resolution, the smooth Maroon 5 cover was the catalyst for her commitment to herself and her artistry. She'd spent six years prior to the release performing primarily background vocals for various local acts. "I had a lot of time to think. Too much thinking can easily lead to not enough doing. So, while using the cover gigs to hone in on my craft, I continued to write until I finally got my ass in the studio!" 


Though there's much room for the interpretation and re-creation of the music she loves, there's even more space for her original works. Her debut EP, Jukebox, is a 4-track collection of some of her most eclectic pieces (released April 15, 2018). She uses cryptic, yet bold and in your face lyrics, combined with ethereal harmonies. Seeing her live reveals her power to take you through her world of truth, leaving you with strong feelings and inspiration. Feel-good vibes flow through her dope arrangements fused with jazz like chords, and percussive rhythms. Complex, yet introspective experiences, by way of her music, give fans a genuine listen. Soulful, free, beautiful, and authentic - Jasmine Turner.



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